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Serial:   6371        Data postarii: 04.12.2014
Tara:   JP Japan
OFERTA - Equipments

Pleased to offer you bellow equipments as is ready to work condition.
Any other information or pictures will be sent gladly to interested clients.
Kato KR-25H-V2 R/T crane: S/No:071x,Y:1996,21,865hr,45,930km,H-Type,Price:14,400,000-FOB Japan
- Komatsu GD31RC3A motor grader: S/No: 4078, Year: 1977, 16,236km, no Blade, Price:2,300,000- FOB Japan
- Cat 910H W/Loader: S/No: SAT00806, Year: 2010, 5335hr, Price: 4,900,000- FOB Japan
- Kobelco RK250-6 R/T Crane: S/No: EZ08-0902X, Year: 2002, 19,934hr,140,654km18,500,000-FOB Japan.
- Kurrup KMK4080 Allterrain Crane: S/No:4080-xxxxxx,Year:1994,8000hr,3,372km, Price:26,500,000-FOB Japan
- Sumitomo HC78BS Mechanical Truck Crane: Year:1991,1704hr,Bm:21m, Hk:35t,15t,Ch:Nissan:Price:14,000,000-FOB Japan.
- CAT 312 Excavator: S/No:7DK021xx,Hr:6000,Price:3,900,000- FOB Japan
- LIEBHERR A922 Metirial Banolar: S/NO: 4215098, 1998y, Elevator cabin,
Grabel Buckett,Exstashion,-6,600,000-FOB Japan
- KOMATSU D375A-3:S/No:17597,1999y,14,813hr,Rops,Cab,Ripper 3Shank,
20,500,000-Ex-Works Japan
- FURUKAWA FX270: S/No, 158-6698, 1991y, 5398hr,-5,200,000-FOB Jp
- KATO HD820V: S/No: KWJ01E01LB0006195, 2011y ,3104hr,¥8,800,000-
- CAT 320DL: S/No: BWP00485, 2006y, 6848hr, - 7,500,000-FOB Japan
- KOBELCO SK100W-1: S/No:YE-01XXX,1994y,7653hr,11,464km,5,500,000-
- TCM L20-2 W Loader: S/No:RYU4F200Lxxxxxx,2002y,16,916hr,-3,800,000-
- HITACHI ZW50:S/No:RYU4EM00C00,2014y,1049hr,4,500,000-FOB Japan
- HITACHI LX110-7: S/No:RYU4F200K,2005y,3759hr,25,857km,-8,650,000-
- KOMATSU PC350-10 Excavator: S/No:7024x,2013y,500hr,22,000,000-
- HITACHI LX30:S/No: 40B-01887,1990y,4488hr,1,250,000-FOB Japan
- Komatsu WA430-6: 9,799Hr, 1998y, Buckett, 5,500,000- FOB Japan
- KOMATSU D41PLL-1: S/No: 1702,1975y,8529hr,-2,000,000-FOB Japan
- KOMATSU PC120-6ZE:S/No, 65414,2001y, 4654hr, -3,850,000- FOB Japan
- TADANO TR200M-2:S/No: 520548, 1984y, 6292hr, -8,000,000- FOB Japan
- KOBELCO SK100-1:S/No: YW05669, 1993y, 2943hr, -2,800,000-FOB Japan
- KOMATSU PC120-8: S/No: 82319, 2008y, 3464hr, -5,700,000-FOB Japan
- KOMATSU WA100-3: S/No: 50569, 1994y, 8715hr, -3,900,000-FOB Japan
- CAT D3C Bulldozer: S/No:5CJ00262,1991y,7530hr, 2,600,000-FOB Japan
- MOROOKA MST-1100:S/No:K-11642,1990y,3736hr, 1,350,000- FOB Japan
- TADANO TS-80R-1: S/No: 365444, 1990y, 99,138km, 3,600,000- FOB Japan
- CAT D6R Bulldozer:S/No:BPZ0110,2004y,7274hr, 6,900,000-EX-Works Japan.
Shall be looking forward to your reply soon.

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