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Serial:   6696        Data postarii: 13.04.2016
Tara:   JP Japan
OFERTA - Heavy construction equipment offer

We are pleased to offer you the bellow equipments, ready to work; any other information or pictures will be sent gladly to interested clients:
- Komatsu PC60-7 C/excavator: S/No: 54066, 1997y, 2503hr, buckett, piping, price: USD22,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi EX120-1 C/excavator: S/No: 12H21959, 1989y, 5000hr, buckett, piping, price: USD29, 000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi EX60-2 C/excavator: S/No: 10K-31690, 1992y, 585hr, buckett, piping, price: USD15,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi EX100-2 C/excavator: S/No: 12L-31526, 1992, 4309, buckett, piping, price: USD20,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Sakai T600C road roller: S/No: 50180, 1993y, 18,590km, good condition, price: USD20,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Kobelco SK200LC-1 long reach C/excavator: S/No: YQ-02117, 1993y, 7887hr, (15M long Arm), price:USD30,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Komatsu PC120-6 C/excavator: S/No:50388, 1994y, 6753hr, bucket, piping,G/cond, price: USD25,000.00-Ex-Japan
- CAT 312B C/excavator: S/No: 9HR03908, 1999y, buckett, piping,G/Cond, price: USD30,000.00-Ex-Japan
- CAT E120 C/excavator: S/No: 1MF08316, 1987y, 3256hr, buckett, piping, price: USD25,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi LX70 W/loader: S/No: 41C-00562, 1990y, 5112hr, cabin, buckett, price: USD20,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Komatsu PC200-8N1 C/excavator: S/No:351635,2011y,4782hr, delivery Mid Of May, price: USD68,000.00-Ex-Japan
- CAT D5HLGP bulldozer: S/No:4KD05642, 1995y, 3052hr, cab/blade, G/Cond, price: USD34,000.00-Ex-Japan
- KATO HD700V II E C/excavator: S/No:6071805, 1999y, 7585hr, Bukt, piping, G/cond, price: USD30,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi U106AL crawler crane: S/No:6193,1973y,Bm:19m, good working condition, price: USD33,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Sakai R2 road roller: S/No: RR3-10336, 1995y, 3987hr, steel wheals, price: USD25,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Hitachi RT205 road roller: S/No: 8GLP010607, 2003y, 2,369km, rubber tires, price: USD25,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Kobelco SK480LC-8 C/excavator: S/No: YS10-01619, 2008y, 6285hr, buckett, piping, price: USD83,000.00-Ex-Japan
- Komatsu D85-12 bulldozer: S/No: 23804, 1978y, 9759hr, canopy, blade, ripper, price: USD18,000.00-Ex-Japan
- CAT 914G W/loader: S/No: PDF00684, 2006y, 10003hr, cabin, buckett, price: USD28,000.00-Ex-Japan.
We are looking forward to your reply soon.
All oferred equipments are subject to prior sale.

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