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Serial:   6172        Data postarii: 07.03.2014
Tara:   SG Singapore
OFERTA - Latex examination gloves

We manufacture gloves in a variety of categories including powdered, powder-free, polymer coated in non-sterile. To reduce the risk of skin irritation, our latex gloves can also be made from nitrile or vinyl.
We also specialize in manufacturing a wide range of other superior quality, natural rubber or latex products that consist of ultrasonic probe covers, dental dams, pilates yoga bands, powder free latex resistive bands or tubing COs, loop bands, super loop bands, gym ball, balance cushion, hand exercisers and even medical disposables.
To ensure the highest product quality, our products are manufactured according to international standards. They are produced to suit our customers specific packaging requirements and brands. Contract manufacturing and private branding is also available.
For more information regarding our products, please contact us.

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