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Serial:   6189        Data postarii: 19.03.2014
Tara:   CN China
OFERTA - Wipes

We are a professional factory of wipes to replace WYPALL, Sontara, disposable wipes in China. We are a professional producer who have wipes which can replace Kimberly Clarks Wypall, Duponts Sontara, Georgia Pacifics Brawny, Chicopees Pro-Series, Utility, Durowipes, Soft Cloth, All Day, Cascadess Presto Wipe, Like Rags, MDIs Super Rag, Atlantic Mills Industrial, All Purpose, SCAs Multi Max, Hospecos Deluxe, etc.
If you would like to know more about our products, please kindly let us know.
For more information, please browse our website

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