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Serial:   7109        Data postarii: 26.01.2019
Tara:   RO Romania
OFERTA - Research and development on electrical machines   Expira la: 31.12.2019

GeDereX- first, a group of friends united by a mentor, Prof. Dr. Ing. Alecsandru Simion, which bring us the spirit of engineering and free thinking towards creation, then a team of researchers with the goal of finding the right technical solution where it is needed.

This group has detached from the Collective of electrical machines, Electrical Engineering Faculty of Iasi, as a result of the contracting of a sponsored contract under the: Design and optimization electric machines.

GeDereX can help its partners in developing the right solutions in the field of electrical engineering and electric machines.

Designing of electrical machines:
- determining the structure of the machines under the design stage
- electromagnetic simulation and FEM analysis of the resulting structures at the end of the design phase itself
- mechanical design and determining the mechanical structure of machines resulting from field study analysis.

Experimental model development:
The material base of the company can apply the results obtained during the design phase, being able to achieve all the subassemblies for both electric machines and other electromagnetic equipment.
Making electromagnetic structures -magnetic cores, windings, magnetic circuits, insulation, etc ;
Development of mechanical subassemblies and shafts, housings, caps, bearings, etc;
Final and aesthetic assembly and mechanical assembly, centering, static and dynamic balancing, painting, etc;
Testing and analysis:
The final stage of research and development consists in testing the resulting experimental models by determining their efficiency in operation.
Testing of machines resulting in the development research - stage resistance measurement of windings, dielectric tests, heating test, etc;
Efficiency evaluation and measurement of power and power factor, losses and efficiency of electric machines, etc;
Traceability of the performance characteristics and mechanical characteristic, yield characteristic, load characteristic, etc.

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Provenienta: Romania

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