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Your Online B2B MarketPlace • More than 100,000 companies with extended profiles in a database to fit your direct marketing campaigns - Business Opportunities - Thousands of Requests to buy, Offers to sell and Tenders - to facilitate your purchase and sales operations.
Just a click to get the profit!

Informational System Profittool - aims to support the work in departments such as: purchasing, sales, marketing, import-export.
Profittool is an Online MarketPlace, a virtual market where you can significantly reduce your operational costs:
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Your Online B2B MarketPlace • More than 100,000 companies with extended profiles in a database to fit your direct marketing campaigns - Business Opportunities - Thousands of Requests to buy, Offers to sell and Tenders - to facilitate your purchase and sales operations.
Just a click to get the profit!

Informational System Profittool - aims to support the work in departments such as: purchasing, sales, marketing, import-export.
Profittool is an Online MarketPlace, a virtual market where you can significantly reduce your operational costs:
  • buy more quickly and at lower prices the products necessary to your company's activity (raw materials, semi finished products, parts, stationery and other consumables, subassemblies, machinery, building materials) and / or you can gain easily access to different cheaper types of services (transportation, project and design, building, printing, financial etc.), offering to you the possibility of direct communication with potential suppliers / collaborators and of making the best decision for your company.
  • establish direct connections with new potential buyers for your products and services, increasing your sales.
  • your company's promotion toward Romanian and foreign companies by direct marketing modern, flexible and diverse means, leading to your profit growth and to your company's recognition inside the national, regional or international business community. 

The components of the informational multimedia system PROFITTOOL

  • Romanian EuroPartners (Romanian companies interested in cooperation with foreign and Romanian companies)
  • Business Opportunities (business opportunities - requests to buy - special offers/tenders)
  • Foreign Companies (foreign companies interested in business cooperation)

What are the advantages and facilities for client companies?

Romanian EuroPartners Section:

  • Presentation of the company`s extended profile containing detailed information necessary to a potential partner in the process of making a decision over the collaboration with the concerned company;
  • Presentation of the company’s electronic catalogue (e-catalogue) containing products and services, detailing the company’s offer;
  • Video presentation of the company, of its products, services etc.;
  • Promotion of certain special offers, stock clearance etc.;
  • Promotion by banners and business cards, increasing company’s exposure when different search processes are conducted in the system.

Business Opportunities Section:

  • The CLIENT company, can insert free of charge an unlimited number of requests to buy products and / or services. All the companies which can supply are selected from the Profittool database, using the European classification System.
How to use:
Search for a company by products or services that it provides, supposes to choose a domain then a category once from the table below. The main domains are divided into categories of products where can be found several companies. To access them, click on the name of the subdomain or preferred category.
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Select activity domain
  Ambulance services (7 companii)
  Cemeteries, crematoria and funeral directors (45 companii)
  Dental equipment and instruments (31 companii)
  Dental laboratory equipment and supplies (73 companii)
  Dental prostheses (328 companii)
  Electro-medical and electro-biological equipment (64 companii)
  Equipment and instruments for medical laboratories (48 companii)
  Funeral and coffin furnishings (61 companii)
  Furniture, hospital and medical (51 companii)
  Furniture, hospital and medical (trade) (9 companii)
  Health services, specialised (496 companii)
  Hearing aids (2 companii)
  Hire and rental of hospital, medical, dental and veterinary equipment (8 companii)
  Hospital and physicians' equipment engineering consultants (3 companii)
  Hospital, medical, dentistry and veterinary equipment (trade) (156 companii)
  Hospitals and clinics (765 companii)
  Medical and surgical equipment (41 companii)
  Medical and surgical equipment, veterinary (14 companii)
  Medical and surgical instruments (49 companii)
  Medical glassware (15 companii)
  Ophthalmic equipment (11 companii)
  Orthopaedic equipment (7 companii)
  Pathological and clinical laboratories (37 companii)
  Pharmaceuticals (trade) (3551 companii)
  Pharmacies (2791 companii)
  Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and prostheses (trade) (16 companii)
  Physiotherapy and spa equipment (20 companii)
  Plastic products for hospital and medical use (36 companii)
  Plastic products for surgical, orthopaedic and dental use (9 companii)
  Plastic products for veterinary use (2 companii)
  Rubber products for medical, veterinary and laboratory use (37 companii)
  Social services (7 companii)
  Textile articles for medical and surgical use (44 companii)
  Ultrasonic, ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications (56 companii)
  Wheelchairs and vehicles for the disabled (1 companii)
Agricultural products, food and beverages, machinery and equipments for agricultural and food industry (17243 companies)
Oil, petroleum products, natural gases. Machinery and equipment for oil and gas drilling, extraction and processing (1981 companies)
Wood, timber, logs, plywood, MDF, OSB, parquet, furniture and other wooden products. Wooden houses. Wood processing machinery and equipment (19625 companies)
Yarns, fabrics, garments, protective work clothing. Leather and footwear. Travel goods. Machinery and equipment for light industry (7805 companies)
Paper, cardboard, stationery, packaging. Printing and publishing services. Printing consumables and machinery (4074 companies)
Environmental services. Consultancy, services, machinery and equipment for water treatment and supply (1423 companies)
Rubber and plastic. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Machinery and equipment for rubber and plastic industry (5569 companies)
Chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, dyes and paints. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (10382 companies)
Building and civil engineering. Construction materials. Tools, equipment and machinery (31640 companies)
Glass, porcelain, ceramics, abrasives, granite, marble and other mineral products (3406 companies)
Metallurgy, raw materials and semi-finished products. Metal structures and other metal products. Contractors, tools and machinery for metalworking (12571 companies)
Machinery, equipment and apparatus (13711 companies)
Electrical machine and apparatus (motors, generators, transformers, electrical panels). Lighting items. Electronical systems and parts (6387 companies)
Precision and optical equipment. Measuring, testing and control devices (1360 companies)
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration (1344 companies)
IT, software, computers, copiators, printers, other office machinery and equipment (7775 companies)
Handling, warehousing and packaging. Materials, equipment and machinery (2921 companies)
Transportation. Transport means and services. Spare parts and accessories (19682 companies)
Services, equipment and machinery for cleanning and maintenance. (8347 companies)
Safety, security, fire-fighting protection services and equipment (1961 companies)
Sport and camping articles, toys and games, musical instruments. Special events materials (1884 companies)
Tourism, travel agencies and tour operators, conference centres. Hotels and hotels reservation services (7020 companies)
Banking, finance, leasing and insurance services. Stock and commodity exchange. Security and commodity brokers.  (5190 companies)
Consultancy services, audit, human resources, translation. Advertising services and agencies. Market and marketing research (58413 companies)
Real Estate (5449 companies)
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