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CPV Products and services list
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Adhesive labels; Adhesive tape; Adhesive tape of rubberised textiles; Agency fuel cards; Agrarian tyres; Articles of hard rubber;

Bags for urine; Blood bags; Blue diazo film; Bowls; Builders' ware of plastic;

Charge cards; Cinematographic film; Cling film; Compact discs; Crash helmets; Credit cards;

Disposable gloves; Domestic food containers; Drilling hoses;

Elastic rings; Epoxy resin; Epoxy-resin tubing;

Fenders; Film products; Flexible plastic hoses; Flexible plastic pipes; Flexible plastic tubes; Flexible PVC hoses; Flexible PVC pipes; Flexible PVC tubes; Flexible risers; Forms of vulcanised rubber;

Gaskets; Grout packers; Gymnasium mats;

Hard plastic containers; Heavy-duty tyres; Hygienic articles; Hygienic or pharmaceutical articles;

Inner tubes; Instant-print film;

Jiffy bags;

Magnetic cards; Medical articles of rubber; Miscellaneous plastic products; Music cassettes;

Packaging products of plastics; Paper clips; Parts of plastic lighting fittings; Parts of plastic street furniture; Pharmaceutical articles; Photographic film; Plasma bags; Plastic apparel; Plastic barrels; Plastic barrier components; Plastic baths; Plastic baths, shower basins or washbasins; Plastic bidets; Plastic blinds; Plastic bottle cases; Plastic buckets; Plastic caps; Plastic carboys, bottles and flasks; Plastic cases; Plastic cladding; Plastic components; Plastic crates; Plastic cutlery; Plastic door frames; Plastic doors; Plastic doors, windows, frames, thresholds, shutters and blinds; Plastic drawing instruments; Plastic drying racks; Plastic dustpans; Plastic electric conduit; Plastic electrical insulating fittings; Plastic fencing components; Plastic film; Plastic filtration elements; Plastic fittings for furniture; Plastic fittings for hoses; Plastic fittings for pipes; Plastic fittings for tubes; Plastic floor, wall or ceiling coverings; Plastic foil; Plastic gloves; Plastic hoses; Plastic household or toiletry articles; Plastic housings; Plastic lavatory pans; Plastic lavatory seats and covers; Plastic lids; Plastic lighting fittings; Plastic manhole or access covers; Plastic markers; Plastic medical bags; Plastic meter-housing boxes; Plastic monofilament; Plastic nameplates; Plastic nameplates and signs; Plastic office or school supplies; Plastic office supplies; Plastic or PVC fittings for tubes, pipes and hoses; Plastic parts of lamps, lighting fittings and nameplates; Plastic pipes; Plastic plates; Plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and strip; Plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles; Plastic prefabricated buildings; Plastic products; Plastic refuse containers; Plastic reservoirs; Plastic reservoirs, tanks and vats; Plastic road cones; Plastic rods; Plastic rubbish bins; Plastic sacks and bags; Plastic sanitary ware; Plastic school supplies; Plastic self-adhesive film; Plastic self-adhesive foil; Plastic self-adhesive plates; Plastic self-adhesive plates, sheets, film and foil; Plastic self-adhesive shapes; Plastic self-adhesive sheets; Plastic self-adhesive strips; Plastic self-adhesive tape; Plastic self-adhesive tape, strips and shapes; Plastic sheets; Plastic shower basins; Plastic shutters; Plastic shutters and blinds; Plastic signs; Plastic sleeves; Plastic spools or bobbins; Plastic sticks; Plastic stoppers; Plastic stoppers, lids and caps; Plastic street furniture; Plastic strips; Plastic table and kitchen ware; Plastic tableware, kitchenware, household and toilet articles; Plastic tanks; Plastic thresholds; Plastic tubes; Plastic vats; Plastic washbasins; Plastic waste sacks; Plastic window frames; Plastic windows; Plastic writing instruments; Police signs; Polystyrene products; Polystyrene sheeting; Polystyrene slabs; Polythene medical bags; Polythene sacks and bags; Polythene storage bags; Polythene waste and refuse sacks and bags; PVC fittings for hoses; PVC fittings for pipes; PVC fittings for tubes; PVC foam;

Radiology film; Reclaimed rubber; Records; Reflective beads; Reflective studs; Reflective tape; Resins; Retreaded tyres; Ring binders; Rubber bands; Rubber clothing; Rubber clothing accessories; Rubber conveyor belts; Rubber cushioning; Rubber fan belts; Rubber gloves; Rubber inner tubes, treads and flaps; Rubber or plastic hats; Rubber or plastic headgear; Rubber products; Rubber seals; Rubber stamps; Rubber tiles; Rubber transmission belts; Rubber tubes; Rubber waste products; Rubberised textile fabrics; Rulers;

Smart cards; Sound recordings; Sponges;

Teats, nipple shields and similar articles for babies; Tubes, pipes and hoses; Tyre flaps; Tyre treads; Tyre-cord fabric; Tyres; Tyres and related products; Tyres for aircraft; Tyres for bicycles; Tyres for buses; Tyres for motor cars; Tyres for motorcycles; Tyres for trucks;

Untreated PVC components; Untreated PVC frames; Untreated PVC piping; Untreated PVC tubing; Unvulcanised and vulcanised rubber articles; Unvulcanised rubber articles; Used tyres;

Video cassettes; Video films; Video tapes; Vulcanised rubber articles; Vulcanised rubber conveyor or transmission belts or belting; Vulcanised rubber floor coverings; Vulcanised rubber floor coverings and mats; Vulcanised rubber hygienic or pharmaceutical articles; Vulcanised rubber mats; Vulcanised rubber tubes, pipes and hoses;

Wheelchair tyres;

X-ray film;

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