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CPV Products and services list
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Access covers; Access gates; Address plates; Air cylinders; Aluminium boxes; Aluminium cans; Aluminium casks; Aluminium drums; Aluminium shutters; Aluminium structures; Aluminium window frames; Aluminium windows; Aluminium windows and related items; Anchors; Anvils; Arch clips; Arch stilts; Arch struts; Armour plating; Armoured or reinforced doors; Armoured or reinforced safes, strongboxes and doors; Articulated chain; Axes;

Barbed wire; Bayonets; Beach rakes; Beacons; Beams; Bearings; Bells; Bends; Bicycle locks; Blacksmiths' wares; Boilers; Bollards; Bolts; Bolts and screws; Boundary boxes; Boxes; Brazing materials; Breathing apparatus; Breathing apparatus for diving; Breathing apparatus for firefighting; Bricks; Builders' joinery of metal; Building fittings; Building internal fittings; Building materials; Bulbs and fluorescent lamps; Bus shelters; Bus-stop posts;

Cabins; Cable; Cable accessories; Cable and related products; Cable conduits; Cable connectors; Cable ducts; Cable fasteners; Cable, wire and related products; Canopies; Cans; Cash boxes; Casing; Casing and tubing; Casks; Cast-iron products; Caterpillar tracks; Cement; Central-heating boilers; Central-heating radiators; Central-heating radiators and boilers and parts; Ceramics; Chain; Chisels; Cladding; Clasps; Clasps, lock parts and keys; Coach bolts and screws; Coated materials; Coated road materials; Coated roadstone; Coating materials; Coin blanks; Coin boxes; Compressed-air cylinders; Concrete; Concrete girders; Concrete masts; Concrete piles; Concrete pipes and fittings; Concrete poles; Concrete posts; Concrete products; Concrete slabs; Concrete sleepers; Conductors; Construction materials; Construction materials and associated items; Container storage system; Containers for waste material; Cooking utensils; Cooks' knives; Copper fasteners; Copper or bronze conductors; Copper tubing; Corks; Corks, stoppers, tops for containers, and lids made of metal; Cotter pins; Cover plates; Crash barriers; Crimping pliers; Cubicles; Culvert elements; Curtain rails; Curtain rails and hangings; Cutlasses; Cutlery; Cutlery, tools, locks, keys and hinges;

Deed boxes; Delivery trays; Delivery trays, small office or desk equipment; Derricks; Desk equipment; Distance-heating pipes; Distribution pipes and accessories; Distribution piping; Door blanks; Door frames; Door locks; Door screens; Door thresholds; Doors; Double-glazed units; Drain covers; Drain pipes; Drainage pipes; Drainage system; Drawing pins; Drill bits; Drill bits, screwdriver bits and other accessories; Drilling cement; Drilling derricks; Drinking-water piping; Drums; Ductile-iron end caps; Ducting;

Electricity poles; Electricity transmission pylons; Equipment for scaffolding; Exterior blinds;

False floors; Fasteners; Fasteners, chain and springs; Fences; Fencing wire; Field hospital; Field kitchens; Files or rasps; Fire doors; Fire hoses; Fire hydrants; Fire ladders; Fire-protection devices; Firefighting vehicle ladders; Fittings; Fittings for loose-leaf binders or files; Flagstones; Flange jointing sets; Flexible floor coverings; Floodgates; Floor coverings; Fluorescent lights; Fluorescent tubes; Folding steps; Food cans; Forks; Furniture locks;

Garage doors; Gardening forks; Gas cylinders; Gas pipelines; Gas tanks; Gas-distribution network; Gates; Girders; Glass beads for road marking; Glasshouses; Goods-handling equipment; Grilles; Guardrails;

Hammers; Hand saws; Hand tools; Handcuffs; Handsaw blades; Hardware; Heat-recovery equipment; Heat-recovery systems; Heating materials; Heating pipes; High-pressure pipeline; High-voltage cable; Highway materials; Hinges; Hinges, mountings and fittings; Hoes; Hooks and eyes;

Insulated joints; Iron bridge sections; Iron or steel boxes; Iron or steel bridge sections; Iron or steel bridges; Iron or steel cable; Iron or steel cans; Iron or steel casks; Iron or steel containers; Iron or steel doors; Iron or steel drums; Iron or steel non-threaded fasteners; Iron or steel shutters; Iron or steel slings; Iron or steel stranded wire; Iron or steel tanks; Iron or steel threaded articles; Iron or steel thresholds; Iron or steel window frames; Iron or steel windows; Iron or steel windows and related items; Iron structures of bridges; Iron towers; Iron, steel or aluminium structures and parts; Ironmongery;

Keys; Knitting needles; Knives; Knives and scissors;

Ladders; Lamp posts; Lances; Large containers; Lattice masts; Left-luggage lockers; Letterboxes; Lids; Light metal containers; Light metal containers, corks, tops for containers, and lids; Linoleum; Liquefied-gas containers; Lock gates; Lockers; Locks; Locks, keys and hinges; Low- and medium-voltage cable; Low-pressure pipeline; Low-pressure pipes; Low-voltage cable;

Magnesium sacrificial anodes; Manhole covers; Manhole elements; Manhole frames; Manhole step irons; Manicure or pedicure sets; Marker posts; Masts; Mattocks; Mattocks, picks, hoes, rakes and beach rakes; Medium-voltage cable; Mess tins; Metal articles for the bathroom and kitchen; Metal bins; Metal boxes and lockers; Metal fittings; Metal goods; Metal household articles; Metal kitchenware; Metal litter bins; Metal netting; Metal plates; Metal rods; Metal sanitary ware; Metal shapes; Metal sheets; Metal shelving; Metal signs; Metal stamps; Metal structures; Metal structures and parts of structures; Metal table, kitchen or household articles; Metal tableware; Metal tanks; Metal tanks, reservoirs and containers; central-heating radiators and boilers; Metal tanks, reservoirs, containers and pressure vessels; Metal waste bins; Meter housings; Microbeads; Mild steel; Mine props; Mining struts; Miscellaneous building structures; Miscellaneous fabricated metal products and related items; Miscellaneous fire-protection equipment; Miscellaneous hand tools; Miscellaneous metal-based articles; Miscellaneous padlocks and locks; Modular and portable buildings; Mountings;

Nails; Nameplates; Non-electrically-heated central-heating radiators; Nuclear reactors; Nuclear reactors and parts; Nuts;

Oil country tubular goods; Oil-storage tanks; Outfall piping;

Padlocks; Padlocks and chains; Paints and wallcoverings; Partition walls; Partitions; Parts of central-heating boilers; Parts of central-heating radiators; Parts of chain; Parts of locks; Parts of metal structures; Parts of nuclear reactors; Parts of nuclear-reactor vessels; Parts of padlocks; Paving materials; Paving slabs; Paving stones; Photograph frames; Picks; Picture frames; Pig launchers; Pig receivers; Pig traps; Piling; Pipe clamps; Pipe connectors; Pipe fittings; Pipe joints; Pipe-hanging brackets; Pipeline pigs; Pipeline supports; Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items; Pipelines; Pipes; Pipes and fittings; Piping; Piping and associated products made of vitrified clay; Piping supplies; Plate racks; Platforms for handling goods; Platforms ladders; Pliers; Plumbing and heating materials; Plumbing materials; Poles for carrying overhead lines; Polyethylene pipe joints; Polyethylene pipes; Polyethylene tubes; Portable forge; Power cable; Prefabricated boxes; Prefabricated buildings; Pressure vessels; Profile sections; Props; Props and mining struts; Pylon supports; Pylons; Pylons and poles;

Radiators; Radiators and boilers; Radio masts; Radio or television masts; Rakes; Razor blades; Razors; Reactor-cooling systems; Ready-mixed concrete; Refrigerated containers; Refuse skips; Reservoirs; Rivets; Road barriers; Road cones; Road furniture; Road markings; Road signs; Road-construction materials; Road-danger lamps; Road-maintenance materials; Road-repair materials; Road-surfacing materials; Roadstone; Roadworking tools; Roller bearings; Roller-type shutters; Roof; Roof frames; Roof supports; Roof trusses; Roofing materials;

Sacrificial anodes; Safe-deposit boxes; Safe-deposit lockers; Safes; Safety barriers; Safety cases; Safety fencing; Scaffolding; Scaffolding structures; Scissors; Screw hooks or screw rings; Screwdriver bits; Screwdrivers; Security screens; Self-tapping screws; Sewage chambers; Sewer mains; Sewer pipes; Sewing needles; Sewing needles or knitting needles; Sheet piling; Shelter parts; Shelters; Shielded cable; Shingles; Ship propellers; Shop signs; Shovels; Shutters; Sign materials; Sign posts; Signage; Signalling cable; Signs and related items; Silos; Skylights; Sliding doors; Sludge-storage tanks; Sluice gates; Sluices; Small office equipment; Smiths' wares; Soldering materials; Soldering or brazing materials; Solid flooring; Sound insulation; Spades; Spades and shovels; Spanners; Spikes for piercing road surfaces; Spoons; Spoons, forks; Springs; Sprinkler systems; Stacking machinery; Stairlifts; Standard freight containers; Staples; Staples, nails, tacks, drawing pins; Static drilling derricks; Statuettes, ornaments; photograph or picture frames, and mirrors; Steam and water pipes; Steel bridge sections; Steel cable; Steel conduit; Steel fishplates; Steel frames; Steel girders; Steel materials; Steel or aluminium conductors; Steel pallets; Steel pipes; Steel plates; Steel posts; Steel pressure vessels; Steel products related to construction materials; Steel sheets; Steel strip; Steel structures of bridges; Steel towers; Step stools; Stoppers; Storage bins; Storage containers; Storage tanks; Stranded wire; Street lamps; Street signs; Street-lighting columns; Street-lighting equipment; Structural metal products; Structural metal products and parts except prefabricated buildings; Submarine cable; Subsea pipelines; Supports; Surface boxes; Surface dressing; Swords;

Table knives; Tacks; Taps; Telephone booths; Television masts; Thermal insulating material; Threaded fasteners; Tool carriers; Tool kits; Tools; Tops for containers; Towers; Towers, lattice masts, derricks and pylons; Treadle-operated tools; Tubes and fittings; Tubes and pipes other than in iron and steel; Tubing; Tubular goods;

Underwater cable; Underwater pipeline; Urban furniture;

Vats; Vehicle locks; Vitrified clay fittings; Vitrified clay manholes; Vitrified clay pipe joints and adapters; Vitrified clay pipes;

Washers; Waste drums; Water boilers; Water chambers; Water containers; Water mains; Water tanks; Water towers; Welding accessories; Welding materials; Wheeled containers; Window frames; Windows; Windows and related items; Windows, doors and related items; Winter-maintenance materials; Wire cloth; Wire grips; Wire products; Wire rods; Wire-mesh fencing; Wire-rope accessories for handling goods; Wood screws; Wooden floor coverings; Wooden posts;

Zinc sacrificial anodes;

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