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CPV Products and services list
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Aeroplanes; Aircraft and spacecraft; Aircraft carriers; Aircraft catapult systems; Aircraft engines; Aircraft equipment; Aircraft or spacecraft equipment, trainers, simulators and associated parts; Aircraft-launching gear;

Baggage carts; Balloons; Balloons, dirigibles and other non-powered aircraft; Boats; Buffers and drawgear; Bulk carriers;

Cable cars; Canoes; Car carriers; Cargo ships; Catamaran sailing boats; Container carriers; Cruise ships; Cruise ships, ferry boats and the like for the transport of persons; Customs patrol boats;

Deck-arresting gear; Diesel locomotives; Diesel-electric locomotives; Dirigibles; Dive-support vessels; Dredgers; Drilling platforms; Drillships;

Electrically-powered rail locomotives; Emergency vessels;

Factory ships; Ferry boats; Fibreglass dinghies; Fire vessels; Fishing and other special vessels; Fishing vessels; Fishing vessels and factory ships; Fixed-wing aircraft; Flight simulators; Floating cranes; Floating drilling platforms; Floating or submersible drilling or production platforms; Floating production facility; Floating structures;

Gliders; Goods vessels; Ground flying trainer;

Hang-gliders; Helicopters; Helicopters and aeroplanes; Horse or hand-drawn carts and other non-mechanically-propelled vehicles;

Inflatable craft; Inflatable rafts;

Jack-up rigs; Jet engines;

Lifeboats; Light vessels; Locomotive tenders; Luggage vans and special-purpose vans;

Marine patrol vessels; Marker buoys; Mechanical signalling and control equipment; Miscellaneous transport equipment; Miscellaneous vessels; Mobile platforms; Monobloc wheels; Motor boats;

Non-piloted aircraft;

Offshore platforms;

Parts for aircraft; Parts for aircraft and spacecraft; Parts for aircraft engines; Parts for helicopters; Parts for turbojets or turbopropellers; Parts of locomotives or rolling stock; Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; mechanical traffic-control equipment; Piloted aircraft; Platforms drilling rigs; Pleasure and sporting boats; Police patrol boats; Pollution-control vessels; Production platforms; Production vessels; Pushchairs;

Rafts; Rail locomotives and tenders; Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts; Railway and tramway passenger coaches, and trolleybuses; Railway carriages; Railway freight wagons; Railway maintenance or service vehicles; Railway passenger coaches; Refrigerated vessels; Rescue dinghies; Rescue vessels; Ro-Ro vessels; Rolling stock; Rolling-stock seats; Rowing boats; Rubber dinghies;

Sailing boats; Sailing dinghies; Satellites; Seagoing floating docks; Seismic survey vessels; Semi-rigid dinghies; Semi-submersible rigs; Ships; Ships and boats; Ships and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods; Small craft; Spacecraft; Spacecraft launchers; Spacecraft, satellites and launch vehicles; Special-purpose aircraft; Specialised boats; Submarines; Surveillance boats; Survey vessels;

Tanker ships; Tramway passenger coaches; Trolleybuses; Trolleys; Tug boats; Turbojets; Turbojets and turbopropellers; Turbopropellers;

Vessels for the transport of goods;

Warships; Wheel axles and tyres and other parts of locomotives or rolling stock;

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