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CPV Products and services list
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Armoured car services;

Freight transport by railways; Freight transport services by road; Freight transport services by road in specialised vehicles;

Hire of buses and coaches with driver; Hire of goods-transport vehicles with driver; Hire of industrial vehicles with driver; Hire of passenger cars with driver; Hire of passenger transport vehicles with driver; Hire of trucks with driver; Hire of vans with driver;

Land freight transport services; Land transport services;

Mail transport by railway; Mail transport by road; Medical transport services;

Non-emergency patient-transport services; Non-scheduled passenger transport;

Parcel transport services; Passenger land transport services; Passenger transport by animal-drawn vehicles; Passenger transport by railway; Passenger-transport services by car; Patient-transport services; Pipeline transport services; Prisoner-transport services; Public transport services; Public transport services by bus; Public transport services by coach; Public transport services by tram;

Railway transport of bulk liquids or gases; Railway transport of containerised freight; Railway transport of dry bulk goods; Railway transport of frozen or refrigerated goods; Railway transport of petroleum products; Regular passenger transport services; Restricted-clientele transport services;

School bus services; Security transport services; Sightseeing bus services; Special-purpose land passenger-transport services; Specialised transport services;

Taxi services; Transport by pipeline of natural gas; Transport by pipeline of petroleum products; Transport of coal; Transport of fuels; Transport of gases; Transport of handicapped persons; Transport of liquids; Transport of oil; Transport of the elderly; Transport services using container vehicles; Transport services using furniture-removal vehicles; Transport services using loading trailers; Transport services using refrigerated vehicles; Transport services using tanker vehicles; Transport services using vehicles adapted for bulk goods;

Weapons and ammunition transport services;

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