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CPV Products and services list
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Absconder-tracing services; Accommodation cleaning services; Accounting and auditing services; Accounting review services; Accounting services; Accounting, auditing and fiscal services; Advertising and marketing services; Advertising consultancy services; Advertising management services; Advertising photography services; Advertising services; Advisory and consultative engineering services; Advisory architectural services; Aerial mapping services; Aerial photography services; Airport engineering services; Alarm-monitoring services; Analysis services; Ancillary building services; Arbitration and conciliation services; Architectural and building-surveying services; Architectural and related services; Architectural design services; Architectural services for building extensions; Architectural services for buildings; Architectural services for outdoor areas; Architectural, engineering and planning services; Architectural, engineering and surveying services; Architectural, engineering, construction and related technical consultancy services; Archiving services; Artificial and natural lighting engineering services for buildings; Auditing services;

Bin-cleaning services; Blast-cleaning services for tubular structures; Book-keeping services; Bridge-design services; Bridge-inspection services; Building and facilities management services; Building consultancy services; Building services; Building services consultancy services; Building surveying services; Building-cleaning services; Building-fabric consultancy services; Building-inspection services; Business and management consultancy and related services; Business and management consultancy services; Business organisation services; Business travel services; Business-development consultancy services;

Cadastral surveying services; Call centre; Car-park cleaning services; Cataloguing services; Certification services; Civil engineering consultancy services; Civil engineering support services; Cleaning services; Cleaning services of office equipment; Cleaning services of telephone equipment; Cleaning services of transport equipment; Collection agency services; Compilation of financial statements services; Composition and purity testing and analysis services; Construction consultancy services; Construction economics services; Construction management services; Construction project management services; Construction supervision services; Construction-related services; Construction-site supervision services; Consultative engineering and construction services; Contract administration services; Copyright consultancy services; Core preparation and analysis services; Corrosion engineering services; Customer satisfaction survey; Customer services; Customer survey services; Customer-care services; Customer-loyalty programme;

Dam-design services; Dam-inspection services; Design consultancy services; Design support services; Desktop publishing services; Digital mapping services; Dimensional surveying services; Direct marketing services; Disinfecting and exterminating services; Disinfecting services; Documentation services; Downhole photography services; Drilling-mud engineering services;

Economic research services; Electrical power systems design services; Electrical services; Electronic signature certification services; Employee relocation services; Energy and related services; Energy-efficiency consultancy services; Energy-management services; Engineering design services; Engineering design services for industrial process and production; Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings; Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works; Engineering design services for traffic installations; Engineering services; Engineering studies; Engineering support services; Engineering-related scientific and technical services; Environmental engineering consultancy services; Environmental-impact consultancy services; Exhibition, fair and congress organisation services; Expert witness services;

Facilities management services; Feasibility study; Filing services; Financial auditing services; Financial management consultancy services; Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy services; Fiscal services; Flow-monitoring services; Foundation design services; Fraud audit services; Fumigation services; Furnace and chimney cleaning services; Furniture design services;

General management consultancy services; Geological and geophysical consultancy services; Geological consultancy services; Geological prospecting services; Geological, geophysical and other scientific prospecting services; Geophysical consultancy services; Geophysical prospecting services; Geophysical surveys of archaeological sites; Geotechnical engineering services; Ground investigation services; Guard services;

Hazard protection and control consultancy services; Health and safety consultancy services; Health and safety services; Heating engineering services for buildings; Heating-system design services; Highways consultancy services; Highways engineering services; Human resources management consultancy services; Hydrographic services; Hydrographic surveying services;

Industrial cleaning services; Infrastructure works consultancy services; Integrated engineering services; Interior decorating services; Interior design services; Internal audit services; Interpretation services; Investigation and security services; Investigation services;

Job search services;

Labour recruitment and provision of personnel services; Landscape architectural services; Landscape-gardening services; Leak-testing services; Legal advisory and information services; Legal advisory and representation services; Legal advisory services; Legal documentation and certification services; Legal representation services; Legal services; Legal, accounting, auditing, business, management and related services; Library management services; Load-bearing structure design services;

Machinery-inspection services; Magnetometric surveying services; Mailing services; Mailing-list compilation and mailing services; Management holdings services; Management-related services; Map-making services; Marine survey services; Maritime safety inspection services; Market research services; Market research, public-opinion polling and related services; Market-testing services; Marketing management consultancy services; Marketing services; Mechanical and electrical engineering services; Mechanical engineering services; Microfilming services; Micropalaeontological analysis services; Miscellaneous business and business-related services; Miscellaneous business-related services; Miscellaneous cleaning services; Miscellaneous engineering services; Monitoring and control services;

Noise-control consultancy services; Non-destructive testing services;

Office cleaning services; Office-support services; Ordnance surveying; Organisation of architectural design contests;

Packaging and related services; Packaging services; Patent and copyright consultancy services; Patrol services; Payroll management services; Performance review services; Personnel and payroll services; Personnel services except placement and supply services; Personnel-training services; Pest-control services; Petrophysical interpretation services; Photocopying services; Photogrammetry services; Photograph processing services; Photograph restoration, copying and retouching services; Photographic and ancillary services; Photographic services; Pipeline design services; Pipeline-inspection services; Placement services of office-support personnel; Placement services of personnel; Plant engineering design services; Procurement consultancy services; Production management consultancy services; Project-design services other than for construction work; Project-management services other than for construction work; Project-supervision services other than for construction work; Promotional services; Public relations consultancy services; Public relations management services; Public relations services; Public-opinion polling services;

Quality assurance consultancy services; Quality-assurance services; Quality-control services; Quantity surveying services; Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works;

Railway engineering services; Railway-track inspection services; Rat-disinfestation services; Reception services; Recruitment services; Reprographic services; Reservoir cleaning services;

Safety consultancy services; Sales and purchases recording services; School cleaning services; Scientific prospecting services; Secretarial and related services; Security services; Seismic data acquisition services; Seismic data collection services; Seismic processing services; Seismic services; Seismographic surveying services; Seminar organisation services; Sewage-treatment consultancy services; Site-investigation services; Social research services; Software copyright consultancy services; Sound insulation and room acoustics consultancy services; Specialised cleaning services; Specialised photography services; Specialty design services; Staff development services; Statistical services; Statutory audit services; Stock-control services; Structural engineering consultancy services; Subsurface surveying services; Supply services of commercial or industrial workers; Supply services of domestic help personnel; Supply services of medical personnel; Supply services of nursing personnel; Supply services of office personnel; Supply services of personnel; Surface surveying services; Surveillance services; Survey analysis services; Survey conduct services; Survey design services; Survey services; Surveying services;

Tank-cleaning services; Tax consultancy services; Tax-return preparation services; Technical analysis services; Technical assistance services; Technical automobile inspection services; Technical building-inspection services; Technical consultancy services; Technical control services; Technical inspection and testing services; Technical inspection services; Technical inspection services of engineering structures; Technical planning services; Technical services; Technical support services; Technical testing and analysis services; Technical testing services; Telecommunication consultancy services; Telephone operator services; Telephone survey services; Telephone-answering services; Testing, inspection, analysis, monitoring and control services; Toll-collection services; Topographical services; Topographical surveys of archaeological sites; Tracing system services; Traffic-control services; Traffic-monitoring services; Train-monitoring services; Translation services; Transport systems consultancy services; Typing services; Typing, word-processing and desktop publishing services;

Underwater photography services; Urban planning and landscape architectural services; Urban planning services;

Valve-testing services; Verification of load-bearing structure design services;

Water divining services; Weather-forecasting services; Window-cleaning services; Word-processing services;

X-ray photography services;

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