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CPV Products and services list
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Asbestos removal services; Ash disposal services;

Beach cleaning services; Bomb-disposal services;

Cesspool or septic-tank emptying services; Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services; Cleaning and treatment of soil; Clinical-waste collection services; Clinical-waste disposal services; Coal-tip management services; Collection of radioactive waste; Collection, transport and disposal of hospital waste; Contaminated-soil treatment services;

Deleading services; Disinfecting and exterminating services in urban or rural areas; Disposal of contaminated soil; Disposal of radioactive waste;

Ecological services; Emission measurement services; Environment consultancy services; Environment impact studies; Environment monitoring system; Environmental and ecological services; Environmental improvement services; Environmental maintenance services; Environmental protection services; Environmental services;

General waste services; Gully-cleaning services; Gully-emptying services;

Household-refuse collection services; Household-refuse disposal services;

Ice-clearing services;

Landfill management services; Litter-collection services;

Medical waste services;

Oil-spill pollution-control services; Operation of a refuse site; Operation of a sewage plant;

Paper-collecting services; Pollution-control services; Pollution-monitoring services;

Radioactive waste services; Radioactive-waste storage services; Recycling services; Refuse services; Refuse-collection services; Refuse-incineration services; Refuse-transport services; Refuse-treatment services; Removal of contaminated soil; Removal services of biological waste;

Septic-tank services; Services relating to contaminated soil; Sewage and refuse collection and disposal services; Sewage services; Sewage-disposal services; Sewage-removal and treatment services; Sewage-removal services; Sewage-treatment services; Sewer survey services; Sewer-cleaning services; Sewerage management services; Sludge services; Sludge-disposal services; Sludge-removal services; Sludge-transport services; Sludge-treatment services; Snow-clearing services; Special waste services; Street-cleaning services; Street-sweeping services;

Toxic waste disposal services except radioactive waste and contaminated soil; Toxic-waste services; Transport of radioactive waste; Treatment and disposal of foul liquids; Treatment services of cesspools; Treatment services of cesspools and septic tanks; Treatment services of septic tanks;

Urban solid-refuse collection services; Urban solid-refuse disposal services;

Waste-tip management services; Weapons and ammunition disposal services;

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